Term Sheet

Women VenturesTerm Sheet

A) Scope & Objectives

Women Ventures is an institutionalized and scaled-up approach to supporting women-led businesses in Pakistan. Women Ventures will be accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, from high growth, scalable, women-led enterprises seeking growth capital. To maximize chances of success for women entrepreneurs, Karandaaz will also be providing business development support to selected businesses.

Women entrepreneurs in Pakistan face additional barriers to starting and growing their businesses. These include lack of asset ownership, lower levels of access to finance, inaccessibility to business networks, as well as socio-cultural challenges.

As part of its mandate to promote women’s economic participation as well as generate employment for women and youth in Pakistan. Karandaaz, with funding from the UK Department for International Development UK (DFID), seeks to facilitate the growth of women-led businesses by providing technical and financial support to female entrepreneurs across the country.

Karandaaz is open to having multiple investment partners and may co-invest when appropriate.  If you are an accredited investor interested in investing with Women Ventures, please visit the Partners Section.

B)  What the Programme Offers?

  • Empowering Women-led & owned businesses
  • Tailored business development services based on specific needs
  • Investment of up to Rs. 35 million

C)  Who Can Apply?

  1. The business should be owned and managed by a woman. Businesses where more than 50% shareholding is held by a woman and she has a direct role in the management of the business.
  2. Women-led and managed business that have been operational for at least 3 years and are looking to scale-up. An operational history of less than 3 years may be considered if the business has earned a revenue of PKR 7.5 million in the last 12 months of its operations.
  3. The business should have earned a revenue (sales) of at least PKR 5 million in the last 12 months.
  4. The business must have an NTN. The owner(s) should be a Pakistani national and have a CNIC.

D)  How to Apply?

Eligible businesses may apply online by filling the Application Form.

E)  Timeline?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Businesses can apply at any time.

F)  What is the Process for Selection of a Business?

 A business will be selected to receive funding based on the following process:

  • Application Submission
  • Initial Review
  • Due Diligence of qualifying businesses
  • Communication of review decision
  • Business Development and Strategy Support. Businesses that receive support are not guaranteed investment.
  • Final Investment Decision and Contract Formalization

Applicants should accept to hear back from us within a month from submission.

G)  Commitments from Women-led Businesses

If selected, applicants must commit to:

  1. Undergoing a business assessment, and subsequent advisory programme
  2. Participating in investment pitches
  3. Being open to negotiating an investment deal with Karandaaz
  4. Participating in events, documentation, and monitoring and evaluation activities as required by Karandaaz.

H)  Project Coordinator

Head of Women Ventures Karandaaz will be coordinating with the partners and the winners. Head Women Ventures will play the managerial role and make decisions on behalf of Karandaaz. This may involve reliance on third-party services for an assessment of businesses, providing them with technical support and mentorship services, and monitoring the performance of the businesses.

I)  Complaints

In case an applicant has a complaint, they may approach Karandaaz via email at wv@karandaaz.com.pk

J)  Contact Details

Email: womenventures@karandaaz.com.pk Website: https://wv.karandaaz.com.pk/

K)  Disclamier

  • Submission of an application does not guarantee selection for training/mentorship programme or investment.
  • Any expense incurred by the applicants for the submission of the application for the training/mentorship programme will be borne by the applicants.
  • The applicant will be selected for the programme at the sole discretion of Karandaaz and its partners.
  • The decision about whether an applicant has successfully completed the training/mentorship programme will be made by Karandaaz (or its appointed third party) and will be considered final.
  • Invitation to pitch the business for investment will be made at the sole discretion of Karandaaz.
  • All investment decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Karandaaz.

Karandaaz will carry out due diligence of the applicant business before making any decision regarding investment in selected businesses.