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Karandaaz Women Ventures is a business support initiative focusing on female entrepreneurs in Pakistan. It provides growth capital and business development support for scale-up of women led businesses, with the ultimate goal of job creation and increased economic activity. Women Ventures invests in businesses from a range of sectors linked by the common thread of entrepreneurial passion to take business to scale. In this endeavor, institutional partnerships have also been forged for higher impact and ecosystem strengthening.

Women Ventures is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) with the objective to promote women’s economic participation and employment generation in Pakistan. FCDO is also a key sponsor of Karandaaz Pakistan.

Karandaaz is open to institutional partnerships. If you are a business development entity or an accredited investor interested in partnering with Women Ventures, please visit the Partners’ Section.

Our Impact


PKR 611 Million
Over 1.0 B Revenue Generated by Portfolio Companies
4 institutional partners (Fatima Gobi Ventures, Social Innovation Lab, Telenor, and National Bank of Pakistan)

What Does Women Ventures

Female-Led Businesses

  • Loan Amount of up to PKR 35 Million

  • Customized Business Development Support

  • Trainings and Capacity Building Sessions

Institutional Partners

  • Deal Referrals & Pipeline Sharing

  • Co-investment & Investment Management

  • Wider Ecosystem Impact


If you are a businesswoman leading your enterprise for last three years and are looking for growth support from Karandaaz Women Ventures, please send your application on the following link. Please note the eligibility criteria for the program:

  • The female entrepreneur is a Pakistani citizen (having an NIC or a NICOP), has more than 50% shareholding in the business, and has active role in its management.
  • The business earned a revenue of PKR 5 million in the last 12 months.
  • The business should have an operational history of at least 3 years (less than 3 years would be considered if the business earned a revenue of at least PKR 7.5million in the last 12 months).
  • The business must have an NTN.
Business Women

Karandaaz Women Ventures welcomes institutional partnerships in three main categories: a) pipeline sharing,b) co-investment, and c) investment management. An institutional applicant may apply for more than one partnership category.

  • Through institutional partnerships Karandaaz Women Ventures aims to expand its outreach and strengthen the quality of business growth services available to women led businesses.
  • Financial Institutions, NBFCs, Venture Capital Firms, Business Incubators and Accelerators, Formal Networks or Groups, etc. are eligible to apply.
Institutional Partnership
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