Institutional Partnership

Women VenturesInstitutional Partnership

Karandaaz Women Ventures will be entering into partnerships to serve a larger number of women enterprises and to strengthen the ecosystem supporting this market segment.

Accredited institutional partners that are interested in pipeline-sharing and or co-investing should fill out this simple form. For questions, please reach out at

    Name of Applicant’s Organization(s) *

    Please list names of all organizations applying if in a consortium, clearly mentioning the lead organization.

    Name of Primary Point of Contact *

    Please provide the first and last name of the primary point of contact.

    E-mail *

    Please provide an e-mail address of the primary point of contact.

    Phone Number *

    Please provide the phone number of primary point of contact.

    Job Title *

    Please provide the job title of the primary point of contact.

    Address of applicant’s organization(s) *

    Please provide information for all organizations applying (in case of consortium).

    Year of incorporation *

    Please provide information for all organizations applying (in case of consortium).

    Specific law under which company is registered *

    Please provide a copy of the registration certificate for all organizations applying (in case of consortium).

    Number of employees *

    Please specify the number of employees for all organizations applying (in case of consortium).

    Please provide a brief overview of the organization's/organizations' current programme and services *

    Include information on relevant areas such as: venture capital funding, incubation, acceleration, university startup program, business development support services, financial/business/tax advisory, networking, pipeline development, technical assistance, co-working space, mentorship and/or any other (please specify). Also indicate if you support early stage startups, late stage startups, or SMEs.

    Please describe the work you’ve done and impact you’ve had in supporting women-led businesses (organisations with gender agnostic focus can describe how their work can support women-led businesses - please adjust the following information requirements accordingly). *

    Include the following:
    • A brief description of support given (if any) to women-led/managed enterprises.
    • List the portfolio of clients and nature of support given to them
    • The percentage of businesses in your portfolio that are women-owned and or managed.
    • If women-led businesses supported through your organization(s) have been able to raise outside capital.

    Please provide names and brief bios of key personnel on the programme *

    The team should have expertise in the aspects of the partnership defined in the previous question.

    Please describe the kind of partnership you’d be interested in *

    Select all that apply.

    Pipeline sharingCo-investmentCo-investment + Investment ManagementAny other additional partnership possibilities (please specify)

    Suggestions for Karandaaz to consider *

    We welcome suggestions on the structure of this partnership in terms of duration, structure of risk sharing, anticipated risks to consider etc. Please provide suggestions here. In case you don’t have any suggestions, write Not Applicable.

    Copy of Company Registration/Certificate of Incorporation (for all companies in case of a consortium)

    Letter of Intent stipulating the organization (or consortium) interest and willingness to work with Karandaaz. The letter should highlight the value proposition for provision of intended services

    Upload any other relevant document