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Instructions for the Applicant

Please fill out this application in full. We review applications on a month-to-month basis and will be in touch regarding next steps.

Note: Karandaaz Women Ventures was launched to provide growth capital to scalable, women-led and managed businesses with high-growth potential.

Eligibility Criteria:

The female entrepreneur is a Pakistani citizen, has more than 50% shareholding in the business, and has active role in its management.

The business earned a revenue of PKR 5 million in the last 12 months.

The business should have an operational history of at least 3 years (less than 3 years would be considered if the business earned a revenue of at least PKR 7.5 million in the last 12 months).

The business must have an NTN.

    Basic Information

    1) Name of Business *

    2) Incorporation Status *

    Is your company registered? If yes please choose legal status. If not, please select "None of the above".

    3) NTN Number *

    Note: Having an NTN number is a requirement for eligibility.

    4) When did you start your business? *

    Please specify the month and year.

    5) When was your business registered? *

    Please specify the month and year.

    6) City where business is located *

    If you operate in multiple cities, please provide the location of the head office.

    7) Region/Province where business is located *

    8) Is the business owned by a woman? *

    Please note, if a woman does not have a majority share, she will not be eligible for this program.

    Is your business managed by a woman? *

    Choose the option that applies. Please note, if the business is not managed in whole or in part by a woman, you are not eligible for this programme.

    10) Name of Owner(s)/Shareholder(s) and percentage of shareholding *

    Please provide the name of owner(s), and in brackets provide their percentage share of ownership in the business.

    11) I certify that I am eligible to apply to this program *

    In order to qualify for this program, the business must have a female owner (i.e. a woman should have majority or share of the business) and a female manager (i.e. a woman must be managing in whole or in part the key operations of the business).
    If you do not comply with these two conditions (as stated in the above questions), please do not proceed with this application.

    Contact Information

    12) Primary Contact: Full Name *

    13) Primary Contact: Designation *

    14) E-mail Address *

    Please provide e-mail address of primary point of contact. We will use email as the primary means of correspondence so provide an email address you actively use.

    15) Mobile Phone Number *

    Please provide the phone number of the primary point of contact.

    16) Landline Number (optional)

    Please provide the landline number of your business.

    17) CNIC *

    Please provide the CNIC of the primary point of contact. Only write numbers, no dashes.

    18) Postal Address *

    Please provide the postal address for the business.

    19) Website URL *

    Please provide a link to your website

    20) Skype ID (optional)

    The Business: Growth Potential and Financials

    21) What is the nature of your business? *

    Please provide information regarding the scope of your business, including the kind of products or services that are provided.

    22) What is the sector that your business operates in? *

    Please select the relevant sector, or choose other and specify.

    23) Who are your customers? *

    Please provide information regarding your customers, whether they are individuals, or institutions, your target demographic and target market.

    24) How has your business grown over time? *

    Please provide information on business growth since the start date. You can do so by answering the following questions (in the questions below “year” refers to the last 12 months): a) What is the percentage increase in sales (in PKR) for each
    year, during the last 3 years? b) What is the percentage increase in customers for each year, during the last 3 years? c) Have you added new branches/locations over time, or added new business lines? If yes, please describe.

    25) How has the company's employment base grown? *

    Please specify how many people were employed at the start of the business, and how many are currently employed.

    26) Please provide your revenue figures for the last 3 years (FY 2018-19, FY 2019-20, FY 2020-21)? *

    27) How much revenue has the business earned (in PKR) in the last 12 months? *

    28) What is your average monthly sales in PKR? *

    29) Is the business profitable? *

    If you answered "Yes" please provide the annual profit for the last two years. If you answered "no", please provide the annual loss for the last two years. *

    Specify Year 1: Profit or Loss amount, and Year 2: Profit or Loss amount in PKR.

    30) Where would you like to see your business in the next five years? *

    Explain the ambition for your business in the next five years.

    Business Needs

    31) Has your business, or any of the founders/the management team previously been through an incubation/acceleration or business development programme? Has your business previously received any grant? If yes, which one and when. If no, please type Not Applicable. *

    Please provide the name of the program, its duration and the month/year of your participation.

    32) Which aspect of your business would you like Karandaaz to help with? *

    Please identify the area of business development services and mentorship you would like to get. You can identify up to three (03) areas.

    33) Please describe why you think the business development support services identified in the previous question will be important for your business’s growth. *

    Explain how the support that you seek from Karandaaz will impact your business.

    34) How much investment (in PKR) are you seeking from Karandaaz? *

    35) How will you utilize capital raised from Karandaaz to grow your business? *

    For example to add more outlets, to expand your production capacity, for franchising your business, to add a product line, etc.

    36) How much incremental revenue do you expect to be added following a capital raise from Karandaaz? How many additional jobs would be generated? *

    For example how will utilization of capital raised result in greater revenue, and more direct, and indirect jobs, etc.

    The Team

    37) Name and Designation(s) of Key Team Member(s) *

    Include management roles, such as CEO/President, COO/VP of Operations/General Manager, CFO/Financial Controller, VP of Production/Production Manager, VP of Marketing/Marketing Manager, Head of HR and other professional roles.

    38) Total number of employees? *

    Both full-time and part-time.

    39) What percentage of employees are women? *

    40) Number of full-time employees *

    Full-time employees that work at least 30-40 hours per week.

    41) Number of part-time employees *

    Part-time employees that work less than 30 hours per week.

    42) How did you hear about our program? *

    If you chose "Other", please specify

    Permission to share data with banks and other partners interested in providing business support.*